Babysitter Fucked

Sometimes I have to work in the evenings and then you hire a babysitter to look after your house and kids. Most nannies are neat and watch a movie or play a game with your kids.

But once in a while you have a nanny who finds it wonderful and exciting to play with herself when the kids are in bed. And as long as this is done secretly, that’s no problem. However, sometimes you have a hidden camera in your house and catch the sitter masturbating or you come home earlier than planned and suddenly look inside that nice wet young babysitter pussy.

Often the girls do everything to forget their shame and keep their job, but also in the hope that their horny deeds will not be told. There is nothing hornier than a babysitter who does everything to not feel guilty anymore. A nanny who likes to play with your cock to forget it all and make you shut up!!