winter holiday in the mountains

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Kristen Scott, Tyler Nixon and Sierra Nicole go on an exciting ski vacation in the mountains. From the moment the couple lands at the airport you can already see many horny moments with Kristen and Sierra. They hang naked from the car window with their tits after which she starts sucking and pulling Tyler hard on his pole. Once at the hotel, the girls play with their small breasts and lick each other’s nipples when Tyler is away.

During the holidays you will see lots of fun from skinny dipping, naked swimming, blowjob, tit sucking to fingering and massaging each other’s runway.

Kristen Scott, Tyler Nixon and Sierra Nicole embark on a grand adventure in the cold snowy world! This horny threesome is ready for shenanigans, from skinny dipping to lots of naked fun in the car. Things only get really exciting when Tyler and Kristen start. Before long, Kristen finds herself in Tyler’s lap rubbing her asshole on the runway while making sure to finger her horny clitoris and pay close attention to her tits. Kristen gets on his hands and knees and returns Tyler’s magical touch with a long blowjob. She can’t get enough of licking his shaft and sucking his balls! When the trio finally arrives at their destination, they spend a lot of time outside enjoying the snow and getting steamy indoors. Kristen finds Tyler in the shower and then goes naked to join him. It doesn’t take long before Kristen’s blowjob turns into a wet and wild fuckfest where they explore every possible position as the water pounds around them. When Kristen finds herself on her hands and knees on the shower bench with Tyler pounding her cock craving her pussy from behind, she begs him to let her cum get louder and louder. He finally takes her that last stretch of the road and leaves her completely satisfied. Not wanting to let Tyler hang after such incredible sex, Kristen drops to her knees and sucks him off until he gives the facial she craves with lots of cum in her mouth to swallow.