Went cycling for the day

Went for a bit of cycling today at Zoetermeer. At Noord AA you have a beach for nude recreation where men, women and couples also come together to swing and fuck a bit.

So I put my bike aside and went to lie down a bit sheltered along the trees by the water. After half an hour a very beautiful student comes and sits next to me. He asks if I like her.

Yes girl, of course I think you’re beautiful. A lovely crop top over her round breasts and a pair of tight jeans to hide her young cunt.

Would you like to see more of me sir?

Yes, of course I want to, but as expected there had to be something in return. I was allowed to see her and feel her horny young body on one condition: That I gave her $50 pocket money.

That’s okay again!

I started massaging her beautiful juicy pears while the young student was taking off her pants. She quickly pushed my head down into her lap. Cuff me! cried the young student.

After a nice lick of her pussy she started to pull me nice and hard so that I could lean her over a tree trunk where I started fingering her nice pussy and ass into a nice round hole.

Apparently she liked this so much that when I was fucking her pussy nice and deep. That she begged me to cum deep inside her gaping ass.

Afterwards we exchanged numbers and it looks like she will be coming with us on holiday next summer!