My sons girlfriend Natascha

Called my son this morning to ask if he could invite his girlfriend over for the weekend. He had met her in Utrecht on King’s Night and because she lives in Maastricht, he would like her to come for the weekend. I am a single father myself and do like some life in the house.

Especially when it comes to women. So yes without hesitation, I gave him the answer he wanted to hear. Sure son, invite her and we’ll make it a nice weekend. So he asked me if I would mind if I was alone with his girl for a few hours, since my son has to work as a stock filler in the supermarket in the center of The Hague on Friday evening and Saturday during the day. No, of course I don’t think that is a problem, then Natascha and I will just watch a movie. Friday evening I picked up Natascha from the central station while my son was working.

Wow, I saw her waiting and discovered that Natascha was a very beautiful girl with very nice curves, just 18 years old with a nice Limburg accent. When she got home she went to eat something and put on a movie while uploading some sex movies on the computer. Apparently she likes this and asked how it worked and if I made my money with it. A moment later she says to me, would you mind taking a picture that I can send to Kevin while he is working. Of course I did this for her, not realizing that she would slowly lift her shirt and go further and further. She also asked, am I pretty enough to get on your website? I reacted a bit shy: Yes you are a very beautiful young lady that many men would like to look at.

Before I knew it, more clothes came off and I had no choice but to go to her. gently she unbuttoned my pants and started rubbing my bulge. Could I give you a blowjob? the young lady asked… Uh.. not thinking I took my cock out of my pants and she started greedily licking my head with her tongue.. with my hands I squeezed and massaged her breasts and after a good pull on my cock I laid her on the couch. In 69 I started licking her tight pussy and her pussy got wetter and bigger… With my fingers I went in until a nice gaping hole appeared.

Fuck me she moaned in my ear and I put my hard cock firmly in that nice wet gaping pussy until I squirted my warm cum inside her. Suddenly we heard a scooter sound and Natascha quickly put on some clothes because Kevin came home from work. A little blushing I asked if we would do this again tomorrow? Maybe she says, and then the door opened. Son did you work well? Sure he said and asked if it was a nice movie standing up…

can not wait until tomorrow.